Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What operates the targets?
Answer: Coded infra-red light is emitted from the guns.  This is sensed by the target box.

Question: Can the targets be triggered accidentally or maliciously?
Answer: No, the Target will only work when it sees the correctly coded infra-red light. It will not work with a camera or any other light source

Question: Is there a lot of maintenance?
Answer: No.Our galleries are very reliable and we don't send out many spare parts. That is why we can give a full 2- year parts guarantee, unlike our competitors we can ship out spare parts in 24 hours to anywhere in the world.The only maintenance required is to the air compressor . Drain the water from the air tank every day,  check the oil level every month, and you will have years of trouble free operation.

Question: Do I need an operator to look after the gallery?
Answer: No. The machine is coin operated and does not need an attendant. You only need to help  empty the cash boxes.

Question: Is the system reliable?
Answer:Our system is known for being the most reliable with the fastest ROI on the market. We specialize in shooting galleries, ask any of our existing customers! We have been making shooting galleries since 1979 . Every new gallery comes with a two year unconditional parts guarantee.One of our customers bought a competitors gallery and said "After one year i had to take it out   and put it into  storage. It was proving to expensive to keep running." He now as a Pan gallery.

Question: How long is the life of the machine?
Answer: We have a  machine at Harbour amusements in St Ives, cornwall in the UK  that is over 33 years old and still taking good money to this day. Living proof that our galleries are the most reliable on the market. A competitor who has just started making shooting galleries claims their galleries last 20 years even though they have only been making them for 5.All Pan's galleries have proven to work almost maintenance free and give a quick ROI, ask any of our existing customers.

Question: Does the game work on a timer?
Answer: You can play the game 2 ways,either a timed game or number of shots. Its up to you ! Other features include scoring, high score display,bonus pricing structure,attract mode,shootback water targets,moving targets and heckling targets. All adjustments are easily adjustable by the customer.

Question: Some of the targets squirt water. Does this cause any problems?
Answer: No Kids of all ages love the water squirt feature.Trying to squirt all their friends encourages repeat play. We export to nearly 50 countries and we have not met any objections to the Water Squirt yet.

Question: What is included in the price?
Answer: Everything is included in the price (ex works), cabinet , targets, gun counters, cabling and piping.We also do not charge for the compressor .Installationis free of charge, we do ask the customer to cover the cost of his airfare and hotel.There are no extra charges. What you see is what you pay( unlike our competitors).

Question: How long does it take to install the shooting gallery?
Answer: Usually about three days followed by one or two days training your staff.

Question: How many shooting galleries have you built?
Answer: Nearly 800 galleries world wide. Most galleries pay for themselves in as little as 12 months!