Recent Installations

4 Gun Pirate for Intergame at St Austell

4 Gun Pirate for Treasure Island at Plymouth

5 Gun Phoney Island at Canary Wharf

12 Gun Wild West for Katmandu Park in Dominican Republic

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Recent Installations

Repair shop

Karls market, Germany

Brady Distribution, USA

Karls Market, Germany, Repair Shop

Repair shop

Fox Games, Poland

Fox Games, Poland, Repair shop

Scottish theme

Landmark, Scotland

 Landmark, Scotland, Scottish theme


Sacoa, Solpark, Spain

 Sacoa,Solpark, Spain, Hillbilly

Professor Coggins

Wuhan Wushang, China

Harbin Lesong cultural development

Mirae developments, Canada

Golf and Games, USA

Timezone, New Zealand

Professor Coggins

Wild west

HB Leisure, Belgium

Jerudong park, Borneo

 HB Leisure, Belgium, Wild west


Sundown Adventure land, UK

Sundown Adventure land, UK, Pirate

EAG 2015 Pan Amusements Launch Captain Black

Pan Amusements will launch the new swashbuckling 3 play gallery, Captain Black to the UK market at EAG in London on the Sega Stand, number 550.

With a large order already received from IAAPA, Pan are confident they can keep up with the demand to help customers discover their treasure.


IAAPA 2015